New York State Bike Route 5 - West
(Niagara Falls - Jordan, NY)

Length of trail:365

SPECIAL NOTE: The web site for this bike route is at the bottom of the text. Please click the words -read more- and read or scroll to the bottom of the text to view the web site. Also information on ordering the free printed bike route map is at the bottom of the text.

A paved on-road 153-mile multi-use bike route. The New York State Bike Route 5 (NY Rt 5) travels across the state from Buffalo to New Lebanon. This segment of the NY Rt 5 is designated as NY Rt 5 - West, the route segment covers the western segment of the entire 357-mile +/- NY Rt 5 between Buffalo and Jordan, NY. The NY Rt 5 - West generally parallels the Erie Canal as the route travels east to west. Keep in mind this is all on-road biking, only experienced cyclists should use the roads.

The SR 5 - West is well-signed on both sides of the road and can be ridden in either direction. For continuity in this Bike/Hike Guide, the B and Bs and B and B Inns are listed, from east to west, by the approximate mile point (MP) near the bike route. The SR 5 - West offers several connections to the nearby off-road Erie Canalway Bike/Hike Trail - West (ECT - West). The ECT - West is fully described in this Bike/Hike Guide (see below).

The MP assigned to a B and B or a B and B Inn is an estimate based on map mileage in a State atlas. As a result, cyclists should verify the location of the property near a city or town with the innkeeper. The MP system should be helpful to cyclists in determining the location of the B and B or B and B Inn near the NY Rt 5 West. When discussing a reservation, ask for directions and distance from the route to the property. Keep in mind that, if the distance is significant, many innkeepers offer a shuttle service to and from the bike route.

The web site that follows this narrative shows a general view of the entire NY Rt 5 as well as the NY Rt 5 East and NY Rt 5 - West. The main map is broken down into segments. Scroll down and click on the desired segment of the map to view the details of the route in a PDF format. Viewing the online PDF maps require the use of software developed by the Adobe Acrobat (AA) Company. The free software is available here in the Bike/Hike Guide (see lead page) or at the AA web site at Using the software, the online map may be viewed or printed.

In addition to the web site a free map of the entire NY Rt 5 - East and NY Rt 5 - West is available from the New York State Department of Transportation. For a free map, email a request (include a return address) to Or call them locally at (518)457-8307. Office hours, weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (ET), closed weekends. Fax the request (include a return address) to (518)457-8358.

Please see the list of trails (second window from the top of this web site) called Trails Listed by State or Province for New York (scroll down to the state) for complete information for the Erie Canalway Bike/Hike Trail - East (Port Byron - Camillus, NY), the Erie Canalway Bike/Hike Trail - West (Lockport-Palmyra, NY), and the New York State Bike Route 5 - East (Jordan - New Lebanon, NY).